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Crystalline Solar Cell Electrode Printing

One source of renewable energy, which is currently viewed with the greatest expectations as a countermeasure for global warming, is the solar cell.
In particular, screen printing is indispensable for the electrode formation of a crystalline solar cell, which is the mainstream.
At Murakami, we are continuing to carry out a variety of research and development towards greater efficiency of solar cells, which will advance even more in the future.

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Fine line formation in single print

In order to form electrodes “thinner” and “higher,” the shape of the screen mask must also have high-aspect pattern openings accordingly.

ER360-Φ16SH-CAL_BL_TAF_M30 Opening width 15μm


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Fine line formation in double print

If an even finer line is required, the thickness of the electrode will be insufficient when printed one time, so there are cases in which double print is selected. In such a case, not only will fine line be important, but position accuracy will also be very important.

First layer of electrode

Second layer of electrode

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