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Photosensitive Materials (Direct Method)

MURAKAMI photosensitive emulsions offer the best quality available in screen printing industry. Manufactured by MURAKAMI's original patented PVA/SBQ technology and dual/diazo formulas, MURAKAMI emulsions will satisfy all aspects of quality and cost performance to customer's expectation, in various applications; textile & garment decorating, graphics, ceramics, automotive, to electronic circuitry printing.


Emulsion Solid content/wt% Viscosity/mPa・s Key Features Color
Dual Cure SP-9500 36 10,000 Premium quality all purpose dual cure emulsion for solvent based and UV ink. Blue
Dark blue
ADVANCE 20 38 15,000 Excellent durability, superior resolution, easy reclaimability for Nameplate, Glass, Automobile dials and meters, PCB, Circuitry printing. Light blue
SP-2060 36 5,000 High quality line definition & resolution but extremely low ink/paste bleeds, best recommended for tight tolerance for paste bleeds in PCB printing, and minimizing halftone tonal jumps. Light blue
SP-8305 36 7,000 High resolution and exceptional solvent resistance for electronics devices and other component printing. Light blue
PHOTOCURE PRO 38 12,000 High resolution and low tack surface profile. Dual cure emulsion featuring water resistance. Ideal for water based inks and PVC free plastisols and water base UV inks. Light blue
Diazo SP-3000B 25 14,000 Flexible and low tack diazo emulsion. Longer run under abusive printing and/or humid conditions. Light blue
SBQ PHOTOCURE SR 36 4,500 High quality graphic emulsion for solvent based and UV inks. Available in a blue color ONEPOT XL. Pink
Light blue
ONEPOT Highsense V 40 6,000 Fast exposable photo emulsion designed for such "hard to expose"light source units as DLE or LED. Violet
ONEPOT C2 38 5,000 Superior resolution emulsion for long print runs that requires extensive durability. Light blue
MSP-2 43 4,000 Best for building a thicker screen mask. Easy to coat and build, fast exposure with superb line definition. Available in a darker blue shaded MSP-2NB. Light green
ONEPOT DLE-GS 30 10,000 Superior sensitivity and excellent resolution emulsion, ideal for DLE, Computer-to-Screen or projected light sources. Also available in a cost effective ONEPOT PROJECTION. Light blue


Emulsion Solid content/wt% Viscosity/mPa・s Key Features Color
Dual Cure PHOTOCURE WSR 44 17,000 Dual cure emulsion for textile printing. It can print all textile inks without hardening the stencil. This emulsion coats and exposes easily, with excellent resolution and easy reclaiming to preserve fine mesh counts. Light bule
Diazo SP-1400 41 6,000 High quality and cost effective diazo type emulsion, durable and easy to coat and reclaim. Light blue
SP-1200HB 37 5,500 Premium diazo type, superior resolution power and extended durability under abusive printing conditions. Light blue
SBQ PHOTOCURE TXR 38 4,000 SBQ photopolymer type, textile emulsion with high resolution power. Available in a blue color AQUASOL ER. Red
Light blue
AQUASOL T9-L 43 12,000 Water and solvent Resistant SBQ Direct Emulsion designed for such "hard to expose" light source units as LED. Violet
AQUASOL HS-2 49 25,000 SQB Textile Emulsion for thick stencil screens.<br>For printing High Density Inks, Gels, Glitters, Dustings and Thick Stencil Applications. Pink
AQUASOL TS 44 2,500 SBQ photopolymer type, high resolution and extended durability. Lower viscosity ideal for mid to high mesh counts or fine detail printing. Light blue
AQUASOL HV 42 8,000 SBQ photopolymer type, easy to coat to thicker emulsion thickness and excellent resolution power. Available in a pink color AQUASOL HVP. Adding diazo for aggressive discharge printing. Pink
Light blue
AQUASOL SHARP 40 3,000 SBQ photopolymer type, superior sensitivity and excellent resolution emulsion, ideal for DLE exposure system, best suitable for water based inks and large format flag printing. Pink
AQUASOL PRO 36 3,000 SBQ photopolymer type, suitable for projection light sources and DLE exposure system for a screen to print with water based inks. Light blue

Rotary Screen

Emulsion Key Features Color
Diazo+ REX series Specialty emulsion for rotary screen, high resolution power, non chromic acid base. Used with standard positive film, ink jet or DLE system based stencil-making purpose. Light blue

Ultra thick film plate making

Ultra thick film plate making

It is possible to create a thick film plate with only a few processes and a short exposure duration.

  • Mesh: Polyester 80
  • Name of film photosensitive material: AQUASOL HS
  • Photosensitive material thickness: 400μm

High resolution plate making

  • Mesh: SUS-CAL500-18
    Photosensitive Material: SP-8305
  • L/S=50/50 printed object
  • Chipping does not occur even in line parts.

Continuous print performance

Continuous print performance

The good screen image at the start of printing is maintained for a long time.

  • Mesh: Polyester 225
  • Name of photosensitive material: SP-2050
  • Photosensitive material thickness: 10μm
Continuous print performance

With ordinary products, bleeding and blur would occur and make it necessary to have an extra process for wiping the plate.

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