News Release

Thank you for visiting PV Taiwan 2018


Taiwan Murakami exhibited to "PV Taiwan 2018" have been held in Taiwan, at Taipei.
Many people interested in the ultra-fine line printing,we received high your evaluation to our technical capabilities.
Thanks to you, everyone who came to our booth, we were able to finish the exhibition with great success.

Among the busy schedule, we would like to thank you who visited us from the bottom of our heart.

Once again, thank you very much.



Please contact the following companies for further information about the above-mentioned exhibition.
Japan : 03-3624-8521 (Overseas department of Murakami Co., Ltd.)
Taiwan : +886-3-5822885 (Taiwan Murakamiļ¼‰

Murakami Co., Ltd.
PR Officer, General Affairs Dept.
Phone: +81-3-3625-8201

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