CSR Management

Corporate governance

Basic concept

At Murakami, based on our recognition of the necessity to enhance corporate governance in order to put our management philosophy into practice and continuously improve the corporate value, we uphold the “promotion of corporate governance” as one of the management guidelines in our medium-term management plan.
We are pursuing fairness and transparency in management through the construction of a sound management system, and through making efforts toward the reinforcement of our internal control system as well as the disclosure of information in a prompt and appropriate manner. By doing so, we aim to become a company that will reassure and earn the trust of all of our stakeholders.

Risk management

Basic concept

The risks surrounding Murakami’s business activities are diversifying more and more in response to internal and external changes in circumstances, such as the rapid technological advances, globalization of businesses and the impact of environmental issues.
At Murakami, we are striving to strengthen our risk management in order to contain the impact that these variegated risks will have on our business activities and stakeholders to a minimal level.

Business continuity system

In order to fulfill our responsibility to supply products to our customers even in the event of unpredictable circumstances, we are making efforts to create a system that would improve our business continuity.
In terms of the photosensitive material, which is our main product, we have dispersed the domestic and overseas manufacturing bases across three locations (in Ibaraki, Beijing and Kunshan), all of which have a system constructed for mutually supplementing each other. Additionally, our plate making plants have been established in two locations in Japan and four locations overseas. In addition to risk management, the purpose of these locations is to produce products near our customers so that their orders can be processed in a timely manner. Furthermore, we are implementing the sharing of equipment as much as possible, so that alternate production can be carried out at other plants in the event that production at one of the plants is suspended for some reasons.

Countermeasures against disaster

Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake, there has been a demand for even greater reinforcement of countermeasures against disasters in companies where many people gather.
At Murakami, we have created a Crisis Management Plan for responding to occurrences of disaster, in which we have clarified initial responses and priority of actions, and this is shared throughout the company.
We are also working to ensure the safety of our employees such as by stocking emergency food in the company as well as by conducting safety drills and disaster-preventing education, in preparation for occurrences of disaster.

Earthquake experience and firefighting training (at the Honjo Disaster Prevention Center)

Information security system

The divulging of confidential or sensitive information is a great risk that will lead to a loss of the company’s trust. At Murakami, we have enacted “System Management Rules” related to the management and operation of our information system, and we are taking various measures for the prevention of divulgence and leakage from an information security perspective.


Basic concept

At Murakami, we regard legal compliance to be the basis for widely contributing to society through our business activities, and we believe that it is one of our key management issues. In order for all officers and employees of the Murakami Group to share such a recognition and attitude, and also to take sincere action with a keen ethical viewpoint, we have specified the “Compliance Action Guidelines” and are striving to adhere to it.

Compliance action guidelines

Compliance with laws:
We adhere to the laws and carry out business activities that are sincere, impartial and fair.
Compliance with social norms:
We respect and adhere to social norms, and we take action based on our awareness and conscience as participants in the company and society.
Compliance with corporate ethics:
We follow the company rules and create a sound corporate culture.
Environmental conservation:
We take into consideration the environmental impacts of all of our business activities and make efforts towards the conservation of the global environment.
Prohibition of dishonest acts:
We do not conduct any dishonest acts in our business activities, such as having conflicts of interest or receiving monetary rewards or gifts that go against conventional wisdom.
Elimination of antisocial forces:
We eliminate any and all involvement with antisocial forces irregardless of the reason, and we take firm measures against them.

Compliance promotion system

At the Board of Directors’ meeting of Murakami Group, we always perform reviews from the perspective of compliance with respect to the various activity reports given by each company and department. We are carrying out the globalization of our businesses, and we have many group companies, particularly in Asia. In order for a spirit of compliance to pervade throughout these overseas group companies, we have assigned representative officers in each company and established a system in which managerial aspects, including legal compliance situations, will be reviewed and reported to the Board of Directors’ meeting.

Protection of intellectual property

Basic concept

At Murakami, we actively take action for the protection of intellectual property rights. We thoroughly ensure that we are respecting the intellectual property rights of other companies and not infringing them; at the same time, we take a firm stand, based on the law, against cases in which our rights are infringed.

Rules on service inventions and contrivances

With regards to service inventions and contrivances by our employees, we work to raise the incentives of the inventor by striving to provide rightful compensation and assessment.

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