Together with Employees

Respect for human rights and creation of a pleasant workplace

Basic concept

At Murakami, we have specified our basic policy towards human rights and human resources as described below, and this is shared among our group companies in Japan and overseas.

  1. We do not tolerate any and all natures of discrimination or harassment, including that of race, nationality, gender, authority, belief or handicaps.
  2. We will promote the expansion and maintenance of an internal system that would enable employees to lead fulfilling lives in the workplace and in their daily lives.
  3. We will actively support the enhancement of employees’ talent, and we will strive to create a fulfilling company where each person can genuinely feel physical and mental contentment.

Promotion of diversity

At Murakami, we accept diverse human resources regardless of differences such as in nationality, gender, age or the presence or absence of handicap; and we are striving to establish an organization and system as well as a culture where each person can take advantage of their aspirations, talents and competence to the greatest extent possible.

Creation of a pleasant workplace/promotion of work-life balance

At Murakami, we make efforts to create a pleasant working environment, and we also strive to maintain a working environment that gives consideration to the work-life balance of employees. We provide employees with a holiday for refreshing themselves once a year, and it is used by many employees.
In addition, we have set up a system for parental leaves and shorter working hours in order to support employees who are in their child-caring stage of life, and many employees have used this system and returned to work. Furthermore, in recent years, the pervasiveness of the system has resulted in male employees to also use this system.

Employee commendation system

We have instituted systems that would lead to employee fulfillment such as the “Murakami Awards*,” an internal commendation system, as well as the Long Service Award.

*Murakami Awards: This award is presented once a year in recognition of the achievements and merits of employees (Good Conduct Merit Award; Development and Invention Award; Outstanding Performance Award; Improvement, Proposal and Creativity Award) Among the recipients of these awards, the person who made the most outstanding achievements is awarded the President’s Award.

Commendation Ceremony of the Murakami Awards and Long Service AwardCommendation Ceremony of the Murakami Awards and Long Service Award

Human resources training and talent development

Provision of opportunities to learn

At Murakami, we provide a variety of learning opportunities in order to support the improvement of talent and personal development of employees.
We conduct semiannual correspondence courses, in which employees can freely select and take classes out of a choice of over 50 courses, such as for management and business skills, acquisition of certifications and improvement of language ability. The full amount of the tuition fee is covered by the company for those who complete the course. In addition, we continuously carry out various initiatives, including company workshops as well as departmental study sessions and performance reporting meetings.
Furthermore, to employees who are assigned overseas, we conduct personal lessons for acquiring the language of the assigned location and provide information about the lifestyle of the location.

Correspondence education courses brochure for employeesCorrespondence education courses brochure for employees

Occupational health and safety

Basic concept

Companies have the obligation to set up a safe and comfortable working environment and to provide a working environment where employees can work with peace of mind. At Murakami, we strive to improve the working environment by appointing a representative to promote health and safety at each office, as well as by establishing a “Health and Safety Committee” at offices where necessary.
Should an occupational accident occur by any chance, we will thoroughly determine the cause and take measures for recurrence prevention, and we will also share prevention measures to all offices.

Status of work accident incidences
2015 1 incidents *of which 0 incident resulting in death, 0 incident resulting in severe injury
2014 2 incidents *of which 0 incident resulting in death, 0 incident resulting in severe injury
2013 0 incident
2012 4 incidents *of which 0 incident resulting in death, 0 incident resulting in severe injury
2011 2 incidents *of which 0 incident resulting in death, 0 incident resulting in severe injury

Health management of employees

We carry out various types of health checks (e.g. routine medical checkups, organic solvent checkups and checkups for overseas assignment) and working environment measurements to enable employees to work in a healthy condition both in body and mind.
In addition, for employees assigned overseas, we strive to prevent infectious diseases by thoroughly conducting various types of immunizations before they travel.

Measures against health hazards caused by organic solvents

At Murakami, we use organic solvents in parts of our work processes as well as in the R&D Dept. In addition to introducing appropriate local exhaust ventilation so that employee health is not damaged by these organic solvents, we have drawn up a Countermeasure Manual for Organic Solvents for each business division to maintain a sound working environment.

Local exhaust ventilationLocal exhaust ventilation

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