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Quality management

Basic concept

The technologies and products of screen printing that we provide to our customers are used in the manufacturing processes of their products, contributing in various ways such as functionality, quality and cost. Our greatest responsibility towards our customers is to unremittingly maintain and improve the quality of products we provide and to supply them stably.
Based on this understanding, at Murakami, we have established a “Quality Policy,” which is instilled in all departments related to quality, including development, manufacturing, sales and administration. In addition, we are reinforcing a quality management system in which each department makes collaborative efforts.

Quality policy

We pledge to actively promote social contribution and improvement of satisfaction of customers around the world, and to continuously provide quality that leads to environmental conservation and people’s happiness through persistent research and enhancement of technical capabilities.

Quality management system

At Murakami, we have obtained ISO9001 certification, an international standard for quality management, with respect to our major business activities, including the manufacturing of photosensitive materials and screen masks that we provide to our customers, as well as the purchase and sales of printing materials and equipment; and we have constructed a quality management system based on this standard.
After the initial registration in October 2000, we expanded the scope of operations and business offices, and we obtained certification for all business offices in October 2004.

Applicable standards ISO9001:2015 / JISQ9001:2015
Scope of operations
  1. Development, manufacture and sales of photo sensitive material
  2. Manufacture and sales of stencil for screen printing
  3. Purchase and wholesale of supply and equipment related to screen printing
Certification body SGS Japan Inc.
Accreditation organization UKAS / JAB
Initial registration date October 25, 2000
Review registration certificate No. JP00/018809(UKAS) / JP08/061242(JAB)

Quality management study session

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