Company Information

Mission Statement

Contribute to society
We actively promote social contribution as our corporate responsibility.
World as our market
The stage on which we do business is the entire world. We always understand matters from a global perspective and fulfill our responsibility as an international corporation.
Cherishing people and technology
We promise that our technical capabilities will lead to environmental conservation and people’s happiness.

Management Philosophy

  1. To contribute to the development of the industry through screen printing
  2. To rigorously implement the principle of customer satisfaction
  3. To return profits to all of our shareholders
  4. To continue to improve ourselves and enhance our technical capabilities
  5. To create a company where each person finds fulfillment in their jobs



“MU-COM” is our keyword. The “MU” in MU-COM stands for Murakami, and the COM signifies computers and communication. “Mu (μ),” which represents the letters for micro, an infinitesimal number, also signifies new birth, innovation and evolution. The keyword is created with our strong will to contribute to the limitless progress of media comprehensively through screen masks in the advanced fields of information society, and to open the path to our own unique areas, while endlessly carrying out our challenge in the microscopic world.

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