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Murakami was founded in 1965, starting out in the sales industry of screen printing materials and equipment as well as the development and manufacturing industry of photosensitive materials for screen printing. Later, we launched the manufacturing of screen masks, and we have continued to make devoted efforts as a company that handles a comprehensive set of items related to screen printing while retaining overall abilities.

As symbolically expressed in the words that screen printing “can be used on anything other than water or air,” it has an extremely wide range of applications; and it is now a technology that is used in a variety of fields from graphics to electronics. Particularly in the field of electronics, we are demanded to implement greater miniaturization and precision. As a research and development-oriented business that focuses on the development of technologies that would meet these demands, we have contributed to the development of electronics.

In addition, in the field of electronics, amidst the circumstance of Japanese companies expanding overseas from an early stage, we have also actively taken action to advance overseas seeking to play a greater role overseas. As a result, we now have six overseas manufacturing locations, growing into a company that sells products, including materials and equipment, to countries around the world.

In 2013, we opened the Chiba Office No. 2, and our screen mask businesses in the Kanto region have been aggregated in Chiba (Office No. 1 and No. 2). Furthermore, we established the R&D Center as our research and development base, which has in effect established a system for us to carry out highly productive research and development by which we manage operations ranging from the research of photosensitive materials to the development of mask technologies as well as screen printing materials and equipment.

In 2013, as part of our overseas business expansion, we also established our solely owned subsidiary in Taiwan, Taiwan Murakami Co., Ltd., which we launched as our screen mask plant capable of meeting the demands of users in Taiwan.

At Murakami, we will continue to leverage our accumulated technical capabilities on the global stage to contribute to the development of the industry through screen printing.

Hirotaka Murakami President

Hirotaka Murakami

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